WARNINGS about ALL TAXIS and Companies!!!

1) When getting into a cab from anywhere, ALWAYS look at the door to see what cab you are getting into!! If you lose something or something happens in the cab, KNOW who you are riding with.

2) If possible, PLAN AHEAD!  If your plane leaves at 6am, you need to take into consideration: time for the cab to get to you, time to get to the airport and time to get on your plane. (plan on calling cab atleast 2 hours before your plane is scheduled to depart)

3) When calling any company for a price or an estimate, KNOW THE RATES Syracuse City Taxi Rates are as follows: meter starts at $2.80 and goes up $3.20 per mile with a timer for heavy traffic and wait time. (MAPQUEST or GOOGLE the 2 locations to get the distance and do the math [mileage x $3.20 + $2.80 = pretty close estimate.] ALOT of people are being mis-quoted by companies, just to get you in the taxi. THEN when at the final destination demanding more than they quoted. See about a possible FLAT RATE when going to or from the airport or bus/train station)

4) KNOW that you are getting into a REAL Taxi!! There are ALOT of gypsy or fake cabs out there and online. Also there are Taxis that are claiming to be  CAR SERVICES so they can charge HUGE flat rates. (If you call a cab, it MUST have a meter and a top-light!!! IF IT DOESN'T HAVE A METER AND A TOP-LIGHT, THEN IT'S NOT A CAB!!)

**If it sounds complicated, I'm sorry, BUT people are being taken advantage of on a DAILY basis and I'm just trying to bring attention to it. PAY ATTENTION and PLAN AHEAD.

EXAMPLE: I got a call for a taxi way out in the middle of NOWHERE. The guy was not from Syracuse and called what he thought was a taxi to pick him up from the Syracuse Hancock Airport. The driver got the cash up front, took the guy out there and dropped him off near a farm about 5 miles in the wrong direction. The phone number rang to a prepaid phone so there was no way to catch him.